How Does It Work?

Step 1: Initial Evaluation & Treatment

What to expect on your first visit

During your first session, a Doctor of Physical Therapy will evaluate your symptoms to determine a diagnosis. This will provide you with clarity about what you are experiencing. Your treatment plan will be established to give you an idea of the amount of visits that may be needed.


The physical therapist will then treat your symptoms through a variety of treatment methods which may include manual therapy and/or corrective exercise. You will have access to a portal that demonstrates the exercises a reminder. 

In general, it is ideal to wear loose fitting workout clothes that allow access to the affected area.

Step 2: Follow Up Treatments

Treatments after your evaluation

Each visit following your evaluation will be packed with all of the essentials for your progress. Your physical therapist will perform treatments such as manual therapy and progress your corrective exercises as needed to help you reach your individual goals. Each visit is tailored to your every need.

Step 3: Completion of Care

Understanding how to control your symptoms

It is our goal to empower you to understand how to manage the symptoms on your own.


You will have a clear understanding of the exercises you should keep up with on a regular basis to keep your symptoms under control. Think of these exercises as your "go-to" when the symptoms begin to creep back up or to keep your symptoms managed.

Step 4: Maintenance 

Tune ups along the way

Although the home exercises can help you keep your symptoms managed, we can provide a "tune-up" every now and again to get back on track. These visits are perfect to keep you meeting your individual needs. These visits are scheduled as needed.

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