Are you tired of peeing your pants?

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Does this sound like you?

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Do you pee every time you cough, sneeze or run?

Do you feel like you have to pee every 10 minutes?

Do you feel like you have to pee right after peeing?

Are you having trouble returning to your normal fitness routine?


Are you waking up at night to pee?

You have come to the right place!


We have helped  hundreds of people with vulvas meet their personal and fitness goals.


We've got your back! (or should we say, bladder!)

Urinary Incontinence

1. Urge incontinence (i.e. rushing to toilet, peeing every hour)

2. Stress Incontinence (i.e. peeing while jumping, laughing etc)

3. Mixed (combination of stress and urge)

What Is It?

This is accidental leakage or increased urgency to urinate often.


Many people believe they simply need to accept because they were pregnant- this is not true!


It can even happen without being pregnant!


3 Types of Incontinence 

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Did you know that your bladder develops the urge to pee when it is only 50% full?

In order words, just because you have the urge to pee, it doesn't mean you have to go!


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If physical therapy only kind of helped you before, give this a try to get the results you need. #drugfreepainrelief #movement (and ladies, pelvic floor PT is the answer to incontinence without surgery or medcations. #goodbyepads)

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Mary is beyond amazing! She's the most empathetic and understanding physical therapist I have ever gone to. Her office is a judgment free zone which was exactly what I needed with my pelvic floor concerns. I can't recommend her enough.

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My PT, Michelle Andoy, spent the entire hour focused on me and helped with exercises to increase my overall core strength and to stop several points of pain throughout my core region. I highly recommend Michelle, she's fantastic and caring.

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Common Causes of Bladder Issues:

Stress (increases pelvic floor tension which increases bladder urges)

Vaginal tearing (weakening the pelvic floor muscles)


Bladder irritants (ie. coffee, citrus)

Abdominal scarring (i.e. c-section scar can bind to the bladder and limit expansion)

Decrease of estrogen at the vaginal opening (can increase urgencies)

Prolapse (when the vaginal wall is weakened, the bladder can fall into it)

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What Are Treatments for Urinary Incontinence?

Bladder training  

ie. monitoring bladder irritants and spacing out voids

Determine why the pelvic floor symptoms are occurring

i.e. recent birth trauma, increase of stress

Internal and External Assessment and Treatments

Intra-vaginally can help to determine strength and mobility of the pelvic floor.  We can still treat without an internal assessment

External Assessment and Treatments

i.e., are the hip or core muscles too tight, or too weak?

Abdominal scar mobilizations

i.e. scar tissue can limit bladder expansion

Pelvic floor and core strengthening or relaxing (or both)

i.e. relax first then strengthen 


And much more!

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Save time

Save time by avoiding harmful side effects of medication and the downtime from surgery

Avoid surgery

Bladder issues can be resolved without surgery!

Medications can be avoided through pelvic floor treatments

save money

By avoiding surgery and medications, you can save thousands of dollars!


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